Madrid: A trip to the capital of Spain

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience in Europe, then you better check out Spain. And what’s a visit to Spain without dropping by to its capital, Madrid? Considered as one of the liveliest major cities in the world, Madrid is more than just the capital; it’s home to many art and music aficionados.

With over 6 million population, this large city is well known for its cultural and artistic flair. Not only that, this city is famous for its lively parties. So, if you come to Madrid, you don’t only get the typical dose of music, art, and other creative outlets; you can also unleash the party animal in you.


Things to do in Madrid
Boredom seems to be inexistent in the city. There are just so many things that you can do, as visiting top Madrid attractions that exist in this wonderful city. Whether you are into art, music, food, or partying, this capital of Spain won’t run out of options for you. Here are the top things to do in Madrid:

1. Feel the passion and enjoy the music of Flamenco
In a glance, it would seem that Flamenco is a lively form of song and dance. But it is actually a performance to reflect the suffering of Andlucian gypsies. Originated in Andulasia, located in the southern part of Spain, Flamenco is a combination of singing (cante), guitar playing (toque), dancing (baile), and handclaps (palmas).

In Madrid, you can watch an authentic Flamenco performance in a tablao or a restaurant with a stage. If you want to witness the livelier and more passionate performance of the dance, stay past midnight where Flamenco dancers get into this dance with more passion, grace, and power.

2. Enjoy the vermouth
Vermouth is a red sweet drink made from a combination of many things: white wine, herbs, flowers, seeds, plants, fruit peel, and a lot more. Vermouth is famous in Madrid. In fact, drinking this sweet concoction has become a Sunday habit of many locales.

There are various establishments in Madrid that offer a variety of vermouth. Some of the best places you can try vermouth include Bodegas Ricla, La Taberna de Corps, and Bar El 2 De.

3. Get in touch with your creative side
One of the things that Madrid is known for is the value it places on art and culture. If you’re an art enthusiast, you will be more than delighted in the city. One of the known places where you can get in touch with your creative side is the Slaughterhouse 10. It is used to be part of the meat trade but is now being used for art-related shows. Comprising of 10 different buildings, the Slaughterhouse 10 is one of the best places where you can unleash your creative juices.

4. Go shoe-shopping
The city is known to be one of the major shoe manufacturers. Shoe lovers will definitely enjoy every minute in the heart of Chueca as the place has numerous shoe factories. From leather-goods to espadrilles, you can find almost anything your feet desire in Madrid. So, go out and indulge!

5. Shop and enjoy gourmet hams
When you’re in Madrid, don’t forget to shop and enjoy the city’s gourmet hams. Watch out for different branches of Museo del Jamon, located around the town. With mouth-watering hams dangling from the ceiling, your taste buds will definitely have a hard time in choosing one.

With different modes of transportation, going around Madrid won’t be a problem. There are taxis, trains, and buses. Some of the recommended establishments to see/experience in the city are also located near each other. So, walking around can be one of your options.

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