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Federico II University of Naples

Federico II University of Naples

Universitatea este fondată în 1224, fiind una dintre primele universităţi din Europa.

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Federico II University of Naples (Universitatea Federico II din Napoli)
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  1. În Engleză
    For important finds in the article that follows, it is transmitted worldwide at a place in Romanian, English, French, Russian, German, Chinese, Hindi and Arabic

    EDEN LAND IN LOCATION boundaries of the village of Zarand in Arad, Romania, Europe.
    Chap.I Eden LAND
    1. From our archaeological and scientific papers published in the 30 volumes ISBN number on the internet that Eden Land was built by God in Dacia sunset actual country called Europe Romania .. Here, at the confluence of rivers today named Cris White, CIGHER and Channel Mills is the Holy Temple of Eden .This Holy Temple grandioas and is retired from the world to .is covered with volcanic ash in variable thickness (about 8 meters from the canton and 20 meters in White Crişul opposite canton) .In the photo sent by the American satellite inside the temple is seen a piece that resembles in format archaeological piece called SCRIPTU LU RA (or the original Holy Scriptures). This piece together with other pieces was recovered from the river Cris White in 2003 by Theodore Ardelean..Ulterior judicial expert, they were photographed and placed on disk electromagnetic equipment Forensic Police Service is currently in Arad .In Museum Arad taught the report signed by the undersigned Academician Teodor Ardelean, Master Energ. Ing. I.Cristian, Chief Commissioner, rev. Moldovan head of the Office of Police Forensic Arad and the Museum Arad.Ulterior was found that speaking parts are objects described in the Bible in Genesis Ch. II verse 12 as the aromatic resin and onyx stones
    2) The geographical coordinates of approximately 45 degrees east longitude and 45 degrees north latitude on ancient Dacia map. transmit hidden information about the location of the Holy Temple of Eden on Earth. These coordinates are determined after AMERICA continents have moved from where they were close to Africa and Europe, to where it is today. Instead continents, according to the theory of migration continetelor, developed by German scientist A Wegener, Ocean Atlntic surfaced continent Atlantida.Cauza migration seems even the appearance of this continent .Astăzi by the undersigned findings that ancient Dacia Bay on the map White Cris is located about 45 degrees east longitude, we have proof material migration is continentelor.Migraţia continents and quatrains of Nostradamus when locates Little Mesopotamia to Europe at 45 degrees. (See this finding on page 33 of the book “total Eclipse sun 1999 and Romania rediscovery “in volume pofessor Mr Maruta Alexandru Ed university. Anglo Azur Giurgiu 1999).
    3) Eden Land was built by God in the bud by dry down in the Apuseni Mountains of Dacia, along Crişul White until about the land now called Hungary This land, in those days, it has shaped peninsula surrounded by waters They invaded Central Europe as a result of the exit to the surface of the continent Atlantis Central appears as a cauldron surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains north western Carpathians, the Balkans and the Alps the land peninsula was crossed by rivers PISON, Hiddekel, Gihon, the Euphrates and below de Mures. But in that time, before the flood waters of Noah’s day, they ran a few kilometers south of the actual girl (Mures River flows into the Tisa today about the parallel of Timisoara .Currently, flows, aproxmativ on parallel Arad in Romania .Parte the old courses of rivers are visible in Arad and Timis even today.)
    4) Atlantis with the whole earth was possessed by spirits negative .. On the continent of Atlantis god Poseidon (negative spirit incarnate) He built a huge empire. (Evidence: the works of Plato)
    5) Between the four rivers that flowed on the peninsula of land that form the West Dacia God built the fortress called cyclo-Jc ZQ Ajjeo a .in TRANSLATION: HERE be light and my law. .A Built the Holy Temple of Eden and man. (See Genesis Ch. II verse 4-7) Eden building and Genesis Omuluii moment there thinking God’s temple, God put this totdeauna.În Scriptu Ra (aromatic resin stones onyx) recounting written in the alphabets of Eden Heavenly, photos and music creation universe, spirits negative acts, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the future Universului..Aceste information, prophets and prophecies fulfilled realities are presented in summary form in Biblie.O small part of the text written in Eden, located in SCRIPTU LU RA, translated by Teodor Ardelean judicial expert in Romanian and published on the internet after 2013. (See this article on the internet appeared with the title “sensational discovery “Year 7 XII 2013 .page 268).
    6) at a distance of approx. 5 km northwest of the direction of the Holy Temple of Eden, the current space of localităţăţii sing higher negative Spirit lifted a huge castle and a complex of statues which autopreamărea .. (View the undersigned work of the Holy Temple of material facts Eden, Lucifer’s castle complex with statues destroyed by the earthquake covered with volcanic ash)
    7) text written in ancient Dacia map of Eden language that Jesus Christ long was actually in the Temple’s Holy of Eden. He was loved by people (See Cries of Eden volume second edition of 14o page A, in particular, paragraphs 5.12 and 14 .From these texts it shows that negative spirit planned to kill Jesus Christ by drowning in the river Crişul white, ranked numt pond border village of Zarand Arad .From hidden text and this text follows thought hostile to Jesus Christ and to God).
    8) Eden was destroyed by Earth Spirit Negative war planned and performed by it. Evidence: US satellite pictures of the battlefield, amitirile war that lasted in the country toponymic Zarand and other information published by us.

    Head- II conclusive evidence ABOUT THE HOLY TEMPLE OF EDEN Zarand
    In addition to our information printed in 30 volumes, recently, we found new evidence of the Holy Temple of Eden’s location in the border village of Zarand Arad, Romania. Europe. This evidence I have learned in phonetics and spoken language dictionaries Romanian localities placed in the basin Crişul White and spoken language dictionaries other people seated at hundreds and thousands of KM. DISTANCE OF Gulf Cris White Dacia West. Here are the findings:
    1) words Tasin
    In phonetics Romanian peasants living in villages called Seleuş in Arad Zarand and in space that existed in the Holy Temple of Eden Land, Cris White River gushed called or Tajne. This river in the Bible, for the portion of the boundary towns mentioned, called Hiddekel. Tasnim word is not reported in Dictionary of Literary and Contemporary Romanian, Romanian Academy Publishing year 1955-1957 edition Instead, the word is found in the language of a very large number of people at distances of thousands of kilometers from the Rumania or space called Dacia..Iată previously part of peoples in whose dictionary meaning of the word to idntificat:
    -Izvor Spring or summer first language: English, Bosnian, Basque, Bulgarian, Czech, Catalan, C.Haiteană, Croatian, French, Hindi, Icelandic, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Vietnamese. …. .
    -Pungă In Croatian and Serbian language;
    -music, Semifinal in Indonesian language
    A number of questions arise:
    -So In dictionaries Taşinicul playing these peoples as a source of spring and spring? Why, Purse? Why, Semifinal?
    Our answer: because the word does not express gushing river name, but the phenomenon called cosmic space river gushed Romanian peasantry. Word gushed name cosmic phenomenon where the Temple’s Holy of Eden and space where the city was built ZQ Jc Cin -Ajjeo a man. They are creative acts performed by God reasonable.They expresses that which is called pimaverii spring, spring bag in the universe in cosmic Serbian and Croatian language, either. semifinal contradictions between God and higher negative spirit in Indonesian language, here in western Dacia, God has built Terrestrial Eden, man has built. Fortress built and cyclo Jc ZQ – a Ajjeo called in translation: Here is my Light and Law! (See the text in Genesis Chap.I Verse 3: God said “Let there be light” and there was light) .These documents are harbingers of summer will install in the universe. Or, in other words, are prophets GIVEN BY GOD. (See our article in this regard entitled “It’s time documented proof TRUTH, groundbreaking discoveries: aromatic resin and the onyx stone in the Bible aromatic resin from the translation of the word, written in Eden, resulting ………………………
    ……… .DOUĂ (Translation with Language Gujarati); vows (Translation with Language .Albaneză) large (Tarducere with language. Malagasy) on (Translation with Language .Maghiară) golf (with translation …. Bengali) were (Translation with Language. Bulgarian). Is the (translated to English) search (Translation with Language Urdu). RUGAŢI.VĂ! (Translation with Language Swedish)! Vows will be fulfilled just …………………………………….. ……………………………………..
    – The names of three “acts of creation” described above, made by God and Jesus Christ have as their object “something special”: the emergence of a new world! .Inceputul A new file in the history of the universe!
    – The Indonesian word semnufica not spring gushing spring or spring but “Musim semifinals PENTADECA” semifinal which will take place in space in Zarand Land Here, there was war between spirits! .Război Eden that led to the destruction of Earth. The war has been or will be a semifinal says the Indonesian language and certify the Apocalypse. Similarly, spring Spring is not summer but remembers about the summer to come, about a new period of existence THE YEAR., Or in this case the universe. .
    – Word Tasin language is Romanian peasants from rural refer to Zarand and Seleuş .It White River Crişul visible but what lies beneath the ash vulcnică forming the clay used to grow cereals. WHAT’S beneath the ashes vulcanuică transformed clay was forgotten by everyone! The idea of relating that border the town Seleuş space, adjacent to the border village of Zarand, along Crişul White a map appearing in Hungarian territory called Pusta Tasnik.În translation: Pusta gushed. Steppe name seems to come from the word springing used by Romanian peasants in the area ..
    – 2) The word Tajne:
    a) The word Tajne is in connection with creation of the universe .Oamenii ‘re used in localities and Seleuş Zarand Arad Romania have forgotten the cause and phenomena hidden under this word .. Consequently, called River Hiddekel named Tajne. . Word Tajne and Hiddekel also not included .in dictionary Romanian Language and Contemporary Literary Publisher Edition 1955-1957 Romanian Academy.
    b. The word is found in the language of the peoples Tajne located thousands of kilometers. the place of origin of the word, ie Crişul White River basin, called the Bible “Hiddekel”.
    c) Here, the dictionary meaning of the word Tajne peoples Language:
    -secret: Catalan, C. Haiteană, Hungarian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Zulu, Serbian, Russian, English,
    -taină: in the Polish language,
    mistery: the Uzbek language. and Czech
    In fact, the secret word, sacrament and mystery hiding “something.” This “something” will not be revealed in the fullness of time than the default. White Cris is in space, or Hiddekel. American satellite transmits in this area TEMPLE photo of a huge 2000/6000 meters .About TERRA IN ONE existence of this temple was not aware until the discovery of the Judicial expert Teodor Ardelean.
    3) The word Sinica or ŞNIC
    Şânicul is Sinica or unit name of cereal grains such as grâul.Un şnic or equal to 120 liters is Sinica. WORD Sinica not appear in the Dictionary of Literary and Contemporary Romanian Academy Publishing House from 1955-1957. Romanian peasants pronounce this word when you şnic Sinica. It is used in Crisana, especially in the White River basin Crişul Pancota markets, Sebes, Gura Hont, Hălmagiu etc. The name is supported by the peasantry villages Crişul White River Basin.
    In our paper we demonstrated that the system of units of cereals basin White Cris departing from sisteml geographical coordinates applied to map ancient Dacia On this map city ZQ Jc cyclo-Ajjeo it or Ziridava is located about 45 degrees east longitude and 45 degrees north latitude, respectively, when the zero meridian passing through Atlatida continent. The origin unit of cereals and material basis which is the calculation of geographical coordinates, the existing map ancient Dacia, the meridian passing through the continent of Atlantis was forgotten, or not sent the mass of men by the scholars of past times. Both systems measure the grain and fixing the coordinates geographic originate in fortress called ZQ Jc cyclo-Ajjeo one that exists between the rivers Crisul Alb (called Pison and Hiddekel), Channel Mills (named Gihon) and CIGHER (called Euphrates) This .sistem geographical coordinates for City Saranda was known quatrains of Nostradamus when he talked to her about “Heaven burning at 45 degrees” (Note 45 degree point appears only in the event that the zero meridian passing through the large Atlantic)
    Based geographic coordinate system and the meaning of words gushed Tajne respctiv which refers to “something” particularly in the history of the universe is in the Holy Temple in the border towns of Eden and Seleuş Arad Zarand, in the West Dacia (Romania today). The information was kept secret cunocute Thousands of years have been secretly hiding a secret that reality or mister.S were discovered in 2003 by Judicial expert Teodor Ardelean. as Stelliting American realities through photographs taken within the city of Zarand in Romania, Europe.
    How did springing up vocabulary words Tajinc or peoples closely spaced counted in thousands of km from the city of Saranda where people were kept hidden causes knowledge.? By leaving these peoples ancestors of former Eden Country Land following the relinquishment of building the Tower of Babel (See Genesis Cap.XI Tower of Babel)

    4. Word Chelepţel.
    Cris White space between the rivers and the confluence of these rivers CIGHER the Romanian peasantry in phonics in the town of Zarand is known under the name of Chelepţel word is not in the Dictionary of Literary and Contemporary Romanian Academy Press 1955 -1957 edition
    Today., July 6, 2016, I found:
    – Cris White River near the village of Bocsig, flows into the Tisa River in the Bible (Genesis Ch. II verse 14) is called Hiddekel,
    – The space between the confluence of the White Cris Cigher River in the border village of Zarand Arad, Romania is called Chelepţel.Această name is used by Romanian peasants in the Hall DOCUMETELE localitate.Se in Zarand Arad Prefecture and other state public institute Romanian.
    Comparing the two names, Teodor Ardelean Judicial expert discovers an unbelievable phenomenon .Constată:
    a) name of the river Hide-Kel Bible is composed of three related words: Hi, DE and Kel Kel .Cuvantul (or Chel) in Romanian means the head with a hair These three words are found in the Dictionary of Literary and Romanian contemporary edition 1955-1957 (see dictionary for words starting with the letter H, D and C) .Semnificatia these words: HI DE = move on baldy! Chela is White River Crişul water to remaining with trickles of gold that discharge from Bulgarians stone upon which passed in the “from the sources of rivers that spring from the Erzgebirge Mountains and Zarand, and flows into Crişul White to town called Bocsig. “(the Bible in White River Crişul this portion is called the Pishon Pison.Numele comes from the verb” to grind “Bulgarians stone containing gold atoms)
    b) the space traversed by the river Hide-bald space located between two rivers Cris White and Cigher River forming confluence in the border village of Zarand, is named Chel-ep-purpose word is formed by The association of three Word (of which two bald and aim appears in Dictionary of Literary and Contemporary Romanian edition 1955-1957) .Semnificaţia these words:
    – Chel = Topic or noun with no head păr.Apa to town Bocsig river that possess gold threads, after passing by this place, get in situ head without hair. In this case, the river without a speck of gold is likened to man with bald head.
    – Ep = as (word not in the dictionary.) As such, S.A. determined by us based on reality. Specifically “under” or “over”
    – Goal target = default and subject numt work done for Chel
    In this situation the words in formation chelepţel .: contain information Chel area is traversed by water (Hiddekel) without remaining threads of gold, like the man with the bald head. The wall surface and underground water flows through this area, the goal confom default. (We note that the river water action and explains the position fiiţelor conscious).
    5) The discovery of the name of Chel-ep-purpose space in the border village of Zarand flowing river named Hi-de-Chel Bible (Genesis chapter II verse 14), in addition to the rest of the evidence of the Terrestrial Eden and location realitatatea country Zarand in Arad, Romania, mainland Europe, is of exceptional
    Chel word in the name space (Chel-purpose EP) through which flows the river that contains the word in its name Chel is material proof that the Bible is Hiddekel river known by the name of Cris White people! This river waters like the rest of the Bible Pishon, Gihon and Euphrates flowed on the shore of the peninsula called Country Zărandului

    6) The word Kel is part of the International Fund for words .Identifică state noun when referring to the subject, comparing to the previous object or activity.
    We learn the Russian language человек Кель (man kel) in Hungarian ember kel (man kel) in Romanian (man kel) etc.
    Therefore: RIVER WITH NAME HIDE-KEL PROVIDED IN THE BIBLE “in ancient times from the creation till ABRAHAM” Capitol II verse 14, flows through the land that was named this river called the OF PEOPLE PLACE AND ACTS OFFICIAL STATE ROMANIAN in continental Europe by name this evil that is Kelita TEL KEL-EP-EP tel.
    This finding together with our findings based on US satellite photos, the Country Zarand and topical Bible will make history! Will destroy those who denies the biblical truth claims about the existence and location of the Eden Land Country Zarand.
    7) Information Understanding named Hiddekel River and called CHELEPŢEL space through which flows the river in both word names being bald was established by the creation of the world .They refer to:
    a) TEMPLE OF THE HOLY LAND OF EDEN under volcanic ash layer transformed into clay, and
    b) the ability to identify and prove through “research” that which is hidden, ADEC “the Holy Temple of Eden” will be known by people. .
    We find the word :, found evilness Hide Chel-Chel-Chel space and on behalf herd was established tenuous bridge between the two subjects on the location of the Holy Temple of Eden Land. In a future article we will submit new evidence: RIVER HIDEKEL and space through which flows called KELEPŢEL. It is in mainland Europe ,, Arad County, Romania.

    8) Kerepţel words and phonics Celepţel of people in Zarand Country refers to visible phenomena in space called CHELEPŢEL. .Cuvantul Kerepţel consists of two properly: Hungarian Kerep which refers to extremely rare plant that grows in Chelepţel called clopt language and in Romanian goal which indicate the purpose for which the action is performed Whereas these variants not found in state official documents, nor in the Bible as the word is Chelepeţel, we consider as uninteresting for research and findings recorded in this. Article.
    9) Tajne words, Tasin, Sinic, and express Chelepţel realities of cosmic importance in the city were pronounced ZQ Jc Cic.Ajje a flood before they get acquainted .Oamenii partial existence in the city of a certain thing withdrew from knowing while the world stood in this cetate.Odata with leaving Babel circulated known information, such as were known worldwide. Instead, secrets were kept by temple priests serving in the church built after the flood in Chelepţel
    10) We emphasize that novelty: Pope Francis Jorge Bergoglio AL 266 th Bishop of Rome and Pope of the Catholic Church, following the work and discoveries made by legal experts Teodor Ardelean, Academician of Academniei Studies High Iasi, residing in Arad, country ROMANIA, mainland Europe, to allow them to be his friend on face book.
    11) Please, send this article, of paramount importance to know the truth of the Bible, worldwide.
    Arad on July 6, 2016
    Judicial expert Teodor Ardelean
    Specialist in the study of documents and phenomena.
    Academician of the Academy of Higher Iasi Romania.

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